Zander van der Meer

Software developer & technology enthusiast

Welcome to JavaREPL version 428 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.8.0_71) Type expression to evaluate, :help for more options or press tab to auto-complete. Connected to local instance at http://localhost:65446 >> Website personalWebsite = new Website(""); >> personalWebsite.getName(); Zander van der Meer >> personalWebsite.getBiography(); I am a 22 year old software developer living in the east of The Netherlands. My experiences range from client side Javascript technologies to big PHP/Laravel business applications to big Java mods for popular games. Because of the wide variarity in my toolbelt it is easy to choose the correct language for the right job. >> personalWebsite.getContact(); - [email protected] - - - >> personalWebsite.listProjects(); - Simplest screen capturing tool you'll find out there. Teamspeak 3 Server Manager - Want to manage your Teamspeak3 server using a webinterface? Opensource and free to use. Spigot plugins - Looking for a fun, useful or interesting Spigot plugin? Take a look at plugins created by me. NHTV Roster Application - Instead of using the slow official application, consider using a quick, lightweight and unofficial application. >>